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Welcome to the Termite documentation! We're excited to help you get started with our powerful tools designed to enhance your architectural design workflow.


Termite consists of two main applications: Termite Intelligence and Termite Nest.

  • Termite Intelligence: The web-based application where you can create an account and use it online. It offers a suite of features aimed at project management, organization, co-working, AI-based layout generation, mass concept generation, and more.

  • Termite Nest: This is an endpoint that integrates our online app with your local CAD software, allowing you to sync your Termite Intelligence account with your favorite CAD tools. The purpose of Termite Nest is to facilitate a seamless adaptation to your existing design workflow.

Overall, Termite provides comprehensive services to assist you in architectural design, project management, and more, making your workflow more efficient and enjoyable.

Check the Quick start to easily integrate termite with your workflow.