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If you do not have an account yet, go to the link "Create an Account" to get started. Once you have created your account, you will have access to the Termite dashboard.

The Colonies

Burrow Base : This colony is where tunnels begin. It's suitable for entry-level, offering foundational features. When you register in Termite for the first time, you are placed into the Burrow Base Colony. This colony hosts you for two weeks for free. During this period, you can enjoy the benefits of the Gallery Grounds Colony at no cost. After the two-week trial, you will need to choose a suitable colony to continue using Termite.

Gallery Grounds : In termite mounds, galleries are the networks of tunnels and rooms so there is not so much enough space for many termites. In the Gallery Grounds Colony, you have two designer Termites assisting you in the design process. The Termites in this colony are average level in terms of design. One is a very well-educated termite, and the other is a Master Architect who gained his skills from his grandfather.

Chamber Core : Here is the inner workings of the mound. There we have more spaces and as a result more termites to Assists you. There are ten designer termites with specific design tastes that are supporting you.

Pinnacle Peak : This is the most complex part of the termite mound, containing various engineer, designer and mechanical techncisians termites. They will support you to design, evaluate , optimize and get ready for construction.

Termite ID

The Termite ID is your unique identifier within the colonies. You can share your Termite ID with other Termite members (even from other colonies) to collaborate on projects. The details of co-working are explained in the section "Co-Working".


The API_Key is used for authentication to sync your Termite account with the Termite Nest. It ensures secure communication between your local CAD software and your Termite Intelligence account.

Termite ID and API_key in user profile