How to use
Termite Nest

Termite Nest


It is possible to call your built project in Rhino3D and explore design alternatives directly in Rhino3D with Termite Nest. This way, you can archive the design alternatives in Termite Intelligence project management and have access to them anywhere, anytime. You can also share your project directly from your own Rhino3D with your teammates.

Termite has components to call the project, create design alternatives (mounds), and convert the design layout to plans with walls, doors, and windows.

Initiating the Termite Nest

First of all, you have to drop the init component in the canvas to sync the Termite Nest with Termite Intelligence.

The init component takes the API_KEY from your dashboard to find your information. Once the activated input is set to True, Termite Nest connects to Termite Intelligence and provides you with the current state.

Note: If you have already registered an account in Termite but do not have any active colony (subscription package), the termite state will be: "You don't have a working colony." To use the Termite Nest, you must have an activated account and a working colony.

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