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overall termite nest has two sections, te drafting section and designing with termite intelligence.

Once you have created a project you can get teh projectID from the dashboard to call it with termite nest in local CAD software

project ID

With the project ID, you can sync your dashboard with the connection component. Connection The ID represented in the panel shows the ID number of the submitted design to get the results.

Having both the project ID and design ID, you can call the drafter termites to bring the generated layouts from the archive and update it to a plan with the termites' assistance.


The plan below is a layout that has been converted to a plan with termite drafters. Connection


With the Unit_finder and Stair_case placer, you can divide your main boundary into a set of desired units and submit a design request to the design assistant termites in the colony from Grasshopper. Connection

Example: The curves in the input of the Unit_Finder are the staircase, site boundary, and two horizontal curves to split the boundary. The Unit_Finder component allows you to input a list of closed/open curves. Termite will split the regions and provide you with the resulting regions as closed curves. This component helps you separate a main boundary into multiple units.


Once you submit a new request from Termite, you will see a popup indicating the request has been submitted. To update the status, you have to refresh the connection component. Connection

enjoy fast design with termite

Finally, you can submit parallel requests for each unit and get the results in a short time. Connection