How to use
Design panel

Start Your First Design with Termite

Once you have built your first project, everything is set up and ready to try your first design alternative with Termite! From the project management section in the dashboard, select the project and press the (+) button below. Termite will ask for a name for the alternative you are designing. Write down a name and press OK. Space Entry

Design Panel

Here is a web app CAD environment synced with your Termite colony. The Design panel has two main tabs: Draw and Physical Program. By default, the drawing tab is active when you enter. Space Entry

Draw Tab

Here you can select one of the options to draw the initial boundary of your design. The boundary represents the envelope of the building. Termite is compatible with any freeform geometry.

Note: Curve drawing is coming soon in the web app. Currently, it is possible to have any freeform NURBS curve from Termite Nest.

Tools Tab

Here are some basic tools to help you in drawing the boundary and adjusting the environment.

  • Transform: You can move, delete the vertices of the boundary, or scale the boundary.
  • Grid: You can hide the grid or turn on the snap for orthogonal drawing.
  • Display: In the display tab, you can modify the graphical representation of the scene.

Starting Space

Here you can see a list of the spaces you entered in the project you are working on. The starting space identifies which space Termite starts to place first and explores the design.

Note: With the same relation and boundary envelope, changing the starting space and its location results in design variation. The selection of the starting point is an effective parameter in controlling design variation. Termite starts to place the selected starting space from the defined entry point. Try changing the position of the starting point, and Termite will recognize it as you exploring different starting geometries for variation.


Once you submit your design request, it will stand in a queue to find a free termite.

The status of the request remains "PENDING" in the meantime. Space Entry

Once a free termite catches your request and starts working, the status will change to "GENERATING".

Space Entry

The status "GENERATED" means some termites have finished the process, and you can explore the solutions.

Space Entry

The status "DONE" means all design assistant termites in the colony have finished their work. Space Entry