How to start
Project detail and configuration

Project Management

Creating / updating a Project

By clicking on the (+) button on the left side of the panel, you can create a new project. During the project creation, you need to provide a list of spaces and their interrelations. All project features can be updated after creation. Once a project is active, by clicking on the (...) button, you can update the information and apply it. Space Entry

Space Interrelation

The relationships between spaces are abstracted as follows:

  • Adjacency (1): Spaces are directly adjacent.
  • Connected by a Space in Between (2): Spaces are connected by one intermediate space.
  • Connected by Two Spaces in Between (3): Spaces are connected by two intermediate spaces.
  • Leave the relation blank if there is no relation between two spaces.

Space Entry


  • The reference for adjacency is from the theory of space syntax. Check the following link if you are interested in learning more.
  • Update teh relations in each request to explore the variation of teh spaces adjustment in a project.

It is possible to update the relation in each request directly from teh design environment. The further info is explained in Mound_request section

Space Sizes

The sizes of the spaces are measured in square meters and should not be below 3 square meters. The order of the spaces can be changed using the arrow on the right side.


  • Changing the order can affect the Termites' decision-making process. This feature can be used for variation exploration.
  • Termite might decide to shrink or add to some spaces during space arrangement.

Team Member Section

You can add teammates to a project using their Termite ID. By adding the Termite IDs of your colleagues or friends, you can share your project with them and design together.